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Play Paintball and Birthday With Cake

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Play Paintball and Birthday With Special Cake

PRICE : Rp. 3.500.000 (for 10 persons)

Celebrate your birthday with a game of paintball only in Jakarta Paintball. Invite your comrades to celebrate Day of the special and beautiful atmosphere full of surprises and menakjupkan. And also get a birthday cake that is very special for you with ornaments paintball. Contact us immediately on 0812 1255 3717 to Ms. Win

Package paintball games / play paintball that we offer is a battle simulation package for a minimum of 10 people with full facilities. Play paintball package for 10 people for at Buperta (camping grounds Ragunan (location; Jl. Harsono RM, South Jakarta, Indonesia Across the Department of Agriculture Building) we provide free of charge the rental location and admission. Jakarta Paintball activities also serve outside the city in accordance with the request to the terms and conditions apply.

Package Details:Paintball birthday cake

  • Trainer (Intstruktur)
  • Technical Team
  • Semi Automatic Weapon (Paintball Guns)
  • 50 Bullets
  • Uniform (Seragam)
  • Body Protector (Pelindung Dada)
  • Goggle (Pelindung Wajah)
  • Standard Medicine (P3K)
  • Mineral Water
  • Rent Area (Sewa Area)
  • Admission Ticket (Tiket Masuk)
  • Special Cake Birthday


PRICE : Rp. 3.500.000 (for 10 persons)

Play Paintball and Birthday With Special Cake

Call: 08 1212 55 3717 (Miss Win)

Jl. Harsono RM, Jakarta Selatan

Play Time:
10 minutes to 20 minutes for each 1x game
And can be played by 5 persons for 1 team in battle 1x
Number of games that we provide 5x or unlimited

Birthday invitation cards

Cost of adding participants to one person IDR 300.000
Addition of bullets: IDR 25,000 / pack (contents of 20 bullets)


Contact us immediately on 0812 1255 3717 to Ms. Win

Paintball birthday cake


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